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hey guys, sorry I havient been on much latly
been going though a lot and been feeling sad and depressed about a lot of things latly
and I been feeling like I have lost myself and im trying to find myself again,if that makes sence
well,I did get my ipad back recitly but I still feel like my dad still dosent trust me 

now he is afraid something will happen to me if he dosent keep an eye on me 24/7
like hello im 19 years old for crying out loud,I know better now to be more careful on social medial
but I feel like my dad never really listens to me anymore no matter what I say 
and sometimes when I do try to talk to him he just puts me down of what I have to say and dosent really listen to what I have to say
witch makes me mad and makes it harder for me to be able to talk to him anymore
I always end up freezing up now when I talk to him
I have a lame phone that I cant even text on cause he decided its best to just take texting off my phone
and when ever I talk to him about he just says to me "well you have your phone to talk to people"
well dad im sorry to tell you this but I HATE TALKING ON THE PHONE
dont know why but I always hated talking on the phone,thats why im trying to find a way to ask my dad nicly about putting texting back on my phone
and with out his gf there to

sorry about my little rant....just a lot of things have been bothering me...
yeah I got my ipad back...and you would think I would be happy about that....well your wrong
my dad put parient controls on my ipad to the point that I cant really do anything on it but watch youtube videos and watch anime
witch makes me mad and sad at the same time...he lets me go one like hardly any sites at all and the sites he does let me go on
are mostly sites like ebay and amazon witch suck...
he wont even let me have any social media whats so ever on my ipad....tell me...does that sound fair to you at all?
cause it dosent to me...I would do anything to get my dad to trust me again...
I dont even have any of my dad took all my music away from me...all my ipods away like about a few weeks to a mouth now...
and still never got them sometimes I honstly feel like he dosent want me to be happy...

I hate everything....I never feel truly happy at home anymore....
I always just want to lock myself in my room and not want to be around anyone....
but my dad gets mad at me when I lock the door...but I lock it for a reason....I lock it cause I just want some time alone...
cant he even respect that?

well sorry for my rant there...just had to let it out....
if you want to know more of what has been going on with me...plz just message me bellow or sent me a note
well thats all I have to say for now....I do miss you guys a lot
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  • Playing: nothing right now
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  • Drinking: water


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Miranda Jade Gardner
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, i am Miranda
i love to draw and paint
i draw when i am sad,mad,depressed and happy
i love to draw anime like pokemon and carcters from shows. i also like to draw animals, nature and flowers. and I like to draw chartoon charcters and sometimes randome stuff when I am bored.
also like to go oline like youtube.
i like to sing but always to nervise to sing in front of a lot of people.
i only sing to people and friends i knew for a really long time
I have also wrote a couple of my own songs before.

you dont want to get me on my bad side. i can be mean if you get me on my bad side.
I also love to go to the zoo a lot. my two favorite zoos are the L.A and san deigo zoo. I also love sea world. I only been to sea world twice.
but I will love to go again some time.

me and my dad go some were or do something together over the summer as father and dauter time
were we spent like a few days of just father and dauter time

I also like to help animals when ever I can
I just love animals way to much.
people even call me an animal magnit since animals always love me and it dosent take long at all for an animal to start to like me.

and I love working with animals
just being around animals makes me happy:)

i love my two dogs and my cat. i hate my cat when she bites and scratches me for no reason at all.
i love to swim, ride my bike, take my younger dog for a walk.
i hate my anowing brothers
i love my friends that are always there for me.

thats all i can tell you about me.... if you wantto know more then ask me nicly and maybe i will tell you.

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